Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Vick's Vapor Rub good for treating dry, chapped lips?

An acquaintance of mine told me that his mom told him that Vick's Vapor Rub is good for treating chapped lips because it gets rid of the chapped skin while healing. Is this true, is so how?Is Vick's Vapor Rub good for treating dry, chapped lips?
i dont think soIs Vick's Vapor Rub good for treating dry, chapped lips?
I do not believe this would work (however I have not personally tried it). I think that it would probably feel as though it is burning your lips, plus I am not sure if you are supposed to use Vapor Rub on dry or broken skin.

When I have chapped lips I use Vaseline (white petroleum jelly) on them as I have allergies to fragranced lip balms. It works a treat and is really cheap to buy.
Honestly Im not sure if that is true however some things work different for different people. I honestly know that anything lip chap you put on your lips can cause your lips to cause some type of addiction... Continuously counting on that lip chap to seize the problem when in fact the moment you stop using the lip chap your lips become even more chapet an peeling. I would suggest taking some omega 3 and vitamine e pills... If you are in the sun alot use spf chapstick and if you can smear some olive oil or vasiline on your lips 2 times a week Befokre Bed until that annoyance has gone... Good luck..
no. vicks is used to clear up congestion. try blistex. or vaseline.
well lucifer... i think you should try Bengay... just put it on right before bed tho so it will stay on longer
I wouldn't think so.. Blistex is really good though!
Try it on your anal crevice and you will feel at home. Is that you howling, Lucifer?

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