Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My goldfish's lips have turned black what is it?

i dont think its fungus or pigment loss but it is some kind of disease i researched it and nothing says black lips! whats wrong with it?My goldfish's lips have turned black what is it?
Its started puberty and is growing a moustache!My goldfish's lips have turned black what is it?
Black scales (other than normal colouration, of course) is typically the result of poor water conditions / stress. Typically this affects the extremities - mouth, tail, fins.

Get a test kit and test for ammonia and nitrites - if either are above 0, it's too much. You will need to do a large water change to dillute the ammonia. Also test for nitrates - if it's over 40ppm, again, too much.

What do you house your goldfish in? They are heavy bodied fish and need a surprising amount of room - small, fancy-type goldfish need 15-20 gallons per fish, and other types like commons, comets and koi are pond fish, need hundreds of gallons.

If your tank is too small, you will need to look into upgrading; and make sure you have sufficient oxygenation and filtration.
She had an injury. Black is the color of healing goldfish tissue. My Fish was sick and as she got healthier she got black scar tissue on the fungus spots, and now she is all gold again. If it's black and fuzzy, then it's fungus, but if her actual lips are black, do not worry.

Also, try adding a little bit of salt. After that, do not add more per day, because salt does not evaporate and will always be in teh water, though it will go down with a water change. The salt treatment talked about on the previous post is not very good, because they never tell you to remove the fish from the salt water. (They give a concentration of 1 tablespoon per gallon) A goldfish will die with such a high concentration of saltwater if it is in it for a long period of time.
go to this link...its a forum about why there is a black lining....
The black lips probably due to something called Melanaphore Migration. It nothing serious as it's a sign of recovery from some problems you had earlier.

I did a writeup on it sometime ago and I have some pictures you could reference, to see if it's the same problem.鈥?/a>

Hopes this helps :)

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